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Last updated 12 Sep 2012



arcbul2a.gif (132 bytes) New Video!!!
Rant To Save Yourself - Busy As A Bee

arcbul2a.gif (132 bytes) Roger Klug Power Trio
at Northside Tavern, Cincinnati, OH
Friday, Oct. 5, 2012
2 sets of rollicking mayhem in NST's Beautiful Back Room
No cover! How do they do it at those prices?


arcbul2a.gif (132 bytes) Rant To Save Yourself's Facebook Friend video is online
The track is currently burning up on iTunes, check it!

arcbul2a.gif (132 bytes) The entire opening video sequence for the 11.05.2010
Roger Klug Power Trio show at 20th Century Theatre is posted,
as well as the video epilogue which closed the set.

Roger Klug Power Trio
Guitar-laced progressive pop, or just plain Rock; you decide!
ôLyrically smart-arsed and sharp songs coupled with a fingerboard frenzy
of gut-wrenching guitar" ---MOJO Magazine
Roger Klug - gtr, vox
Greg Tudor - bass, b-vox
Mike Tittel - drums, b-vox
Photos by Gene Dow
                    Northside Tavern
                    4163 Hamilton Ave.
                    Cincinnati OH 45223

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