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Excerpts from
MamaTitle.gif (2177 bytes)
  Mama.gif (34951 bytes) I'd Love To Make You Change Your Mind
La La Land
Tongue Tied
You're Alright
Austin & Aaron
Excerpts from
ToxTitle.gif (2274 bytes)
  toxic.gif (31621 bytes) Toxic
On the Way To His Wedding
She's A Singer
Baby On Her Mind
Disney Eyes
Bim Bam Boom
Excerpts from
Where Has The Music Gone?:
The Lost Recordings of Clem Comstock
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Reed Pipe Boogie - Gnorman and the Gnats
Sport Utility Vehicle - The Coney Islanders
Never Gonna Get Married - The Schulte Sisters (featuring Bridgette Schulte)
Tilt A Whirl Tongue - Brave Sir Knight and the Squires
Baby Teeth - Billy Action
Frat Rock - The Stalagmites

Counting To Infinity - The United Federation of Brotherhood and Sisterhood
Where Has The Music Gone? - Roger Klug
Excerpts from
WillTitle.gif (1310 bytes)
Willies.jpg (6887 bytes) The Keys To The Car
She Doesn't Even Know I'm Alive
Shrinking Violet
Excerpts from
CCCTitle.gif (1601 bytes)
CCC.gif (10234 bytes) The Human Condition
Get Out Of Your Blue Funk, Mr. Klug
Sister Mary Aloysius
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Rogpic.gif (68443 bytes) Toxic
Baby On Her Mind
I'd Love To Make You Change Your Mind
Little Thing Called Trust
Dance of the Pheromones

Clips from Alan Haber's interview with Roger Klug on Pure Pop Radio,
broadcast on the eve of the release of Where Has The Music Gone? (1999)

ClemPic.jpg (7952 bytes)   How Roger discovered Clem Comstock
Waxing On Clem's Gem 'Never Gonna Get Married'
Clem's Secretive Roster of Studio Musicians
On The United Federation of Brotherhood and Sisterhood
Waxing on Judy Spanner's 'Stay Home Day'
The Psychic Connection Between Roger and Clem

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