The following passages are actual e-mails and letters from folks who have reported some connection, however remote, with the enigmatic Mr. Comstock.  If you have any info on Clem's past or present whereabouts, please contact and we will post your contribution.

Your new album, I understand, features the music of the great Clem Comstock. Did you know that Clem was my great aunt's brother? He used to sing and play garbage lids when he was at work (he drilled wells along the Ohio River). Anyway, a little trivia about him. One of the first songs he ever wrote was called Itsy Bitsy Spider (???-Ed.) - it was not rock and roll but something close. The children in the neighborhood were afraid of Clem until that song. From then on, they just thought he was weird. Hope your album sells.

Clem Kadiddlehopper (we have the same first name - that's how I know we are related).

I was able to talk to our senior pastor's wife this weekend. She used to go by the stage name of "Colleen Sharp" and was the co-host of the Paul Dixon and Bob Braun shows. She remembers Clem as a competent yet moody broadcast and sound engineer who had a good working relationship with WLW, WLWT and the AVCO broadcast network. She seems to have only a vague recollection of his "side projects" that you seemed to have discovered. Apparently they weren't taken very seriously at the time by his peers. Unfortunately, she has no idea as to his current whereabouts. I'll be sure to pass along any pertinent information that I receive.

J.D., southwest Ohio

Dear Roger-

Please be advised that Clem Comstock was in fact my mother's cousin's dog's previous owner's uncle's niece's husband. You will be hearing from our family attorney.

J.H., southwest Ohio


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