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The Lost Willies Track: Divagate In Blue

    This song, which had been entirely forgotten about for years, was recorded sometime in 1990 and was probably intended for inclusion on the first album, although how it would have fit in is anybody's guess.  "It's got more to do with Led Zeppelin or prog rock, I think, than the sort of post-new-wave-pre-90s-indie-rock vibe of the other songs," Roger says, although when pressed,  he admits that XTC's 'No Language In Our Lungs' may have played a part in the birthing process.  And the lyrics...?
    "The lyrics are the most obtuse, rambling lines I've ever used in song; don't know where they came from or where they were going.  I had the chords and the melody and sort of just let them write the words,  but it kept ending up with 'blah-blah-blah in blue,' something three syllables, a verb, preferably, and I was using this nonsense word 'divagate,'  I had no idea if it was a real word, I just liked the way it sounded. I couldn't think of a better word, so I opened up the dictionary, and there it was: 'divagate.' It means 'to wander aimlessly, especially in a literary sense.'   I thought that was pretty funny."
    This mix of 'Divagate In Blue' was found on a reel that included earlier mixes of 'I Am Slime,' 'Too Much On My Mind,' 'Jenny Says,' 'Shrinking Violet,' and 'New Way Of Thinking,'  and tacked onto the end of the re-mastered Willies disc at the last minute. Roger again:  "Another interesting thing to a few people maybe is that the last song on the second album ('The Groovy Existence') was originally a secret extra bonus track, but I decided to document it on the re-issue for posterity. Secret bonus tracks have, of course, since become passť; everybody started putting secret tracks on CDs, it got to the point where you'd be surprised if the CD just ended and there wasn't a bonus track.  But I decided at the last minute to add this little lost tune so it didn't get printed on the jacket; it is listed on the CD itself, so it's sort of a secret extra bonus track."

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