Lesson 13.  The A-minor "hammer-on" lick.

TAB                         This popular strumming pattern
                            is used to dramatic effect in
-----0--------0-0-----      many traditional folk songs
-----1--------1-1-----      such as "900 Miles" and "Toxic."

TOXIC                                           R. Klug

Verse 1:
Am                  Bm7b5
Often now I wonder what the hell am I to do?
C            Am            D9           D7b9 C/G   D9/F# Fmaj9 G7
Weighing the pros and the cons of a final break/  From you
Am                       Bm7b5
We don't talk about it/ Fear of finding out I fear
C         Am          D9            D7b9      C/G  E7/G#  A
But if we sit on our hands this upset won't dis- ap- pear
     Am                    D9/F#
Like smoke like soot like DDT
     Am                     D9/F#
Like sludge like smog like mercury
     Am                D9/F#      
Like methane methanol monoxide
Am            D9/F#
Phenol and formaldehyde
     Am                  D9/F#
Like greenhouse gas and acid rain
    Am                 D9/F#
And things you use to clear out the drain
    Am        D9/F#            Am             D9/F#
Like chromium dust and carbon mist asbestos lead and benzene
Fmaj9  G7             Am
This relationship/ is toxic

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