Mike Tittel Bio

MikeyT.jpg (13550 bytes) Born in summer's twilight, Mike's interest in music began early on. By age 4, he had narrowed his interest to clarinet, glockenspiel and drums.  Born with orthodontic anomalies, clarinet was abandoned for fear of cosmetic repercussions, and by age seven Mike wanted nothing more than to play drums like Micky Dolenz. More than twenty years later this passion burns bright rivaled only by his love for Shirley MacLaine, Dairy Queen and Brat-Pack memorabilia.  Other than being part of the Roger Klug Experience, Mike has played with such notables as Cincinnati's Pidgin and San Francisco's own Loud Family who, Mike insists, is the best American band in current existence. [This honor may now belong to Enon---Ed. 7/08] Mike is a commercial photographer and does graphic and web design on the side.  "Playing with Roger is fun. He's a stern taskmaster but in the end he's a really-likes-me-anyways-kind-of-a-guy."  Check out Mike's own web site, coming soon.

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