Roger Klug - More Help For Your Nerves
17 tracks - 56:38 - The latest, greatest! Released May 2009. $10
Roger Klug - Where Has The Music Gone?:
   The Lost Recordings Of Clem Comstock
18 tracks - 53:01 - Unearthed '60s treasures or hoax? You decide. $10
Roger Klug - Toxic and 15 Other Love Songs
17 tracks - 67:23 - SOLD OUTt!!! 

Apologies: the re-master for Toxic is way overdue; it was set to happen after the Mama re-release but, alas, didnít and wonít in the near-future. CD-Rs of Toxic are currently available; they come with the original artwork (printed insert and tray card), burned at a slower speed and sound just as good as the originals. Price is $10, but you are locked in to the Mental Giant Guarantee: when Toxic ever gets re-mastered, all CD-R purchasers can buy one for only the cost of shipping ($2 max.) So what are you waiting for? Do it today!

Roger Klug - Mama, Mama, Ich bin in dem La La Land
17 tracks - 74:05 - Out-of-print for years, now available again and remastered
         to boot! $10
The Willies - s/t
14 tracks - 52:00 approx. - Where it all began! $10
The Willies - Calm Cool Collected
18 tracks - 63:00 approx. - Where it all began Vol. 2! $10

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